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Nominations are being accepted for the following positions:

  • President-elect
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Professional Development Chair 
  • FPD/SGA Chair
  • At Large Board Member (2)
Please click submit to nominate yourself for one of the open positions. Duties and responsibilities for each INANA Board position are listed below. Nominations close September 21, 2023.


    • The President shall be the Chief Governing Officer responsible for the integrity of governance by the full Board and acting as the chief spokesperson of the Association to external audiences.
    • Set the overall strategic direction for the organization.
    • Represent the organization’s interests at national meetings
    • Recruit, onboard, and offboard board members.
    • Appoint members to appointed board positions.
    • Set the agenda for and run board meetings.
    • Serve as a resource for board members, association members, the Executive Director, and the general public.
    • Assist board members with their duties as needed.
    • Serve on conference committees.
    • Attend conferences and other organization events.
    • Welcome attendees to conferences.
    • Prepare for and present at the Annual Business Meeting.
    • Run any votes required of the full membership.


    • Supports the President and the work plan approved and adopted by the Board.
    • Runs the Board meeting in the absence of the President.
    • Assist with conference committees and development
    • Responsible for the orientation of incoming Directors to the work of the Board and to monitor and report progress on the Association’s strategic plan.
    • Coordinates the functions and activities of the INANA political action committee.
    • Attend all Board of Directors meetings.
    • Attend Membership Meetings.
    • Attend, when able, at AANA Meetings (Annual, Mid-Year Assembly)
    • Attend Annual Advocacy
    • Signs and submits annual disclosure statement
    • Succeeds to the Presidency at the conclusion of the President’s term, and in the event of the absence or disability of the President to perform the duties of office.


    • Assure that the Association’s funds and financial assets are safe, secure, and appropriately accounted for. 
    • Keep accurate and complete corporate records for the Association, including the approved minutes of all Board, Executive Committee, and General Membership meetings.
    • In conjunction with the association management firm, the Secretary/ Treasurer is responsible for:
      1. Accurate and timely accounting of all revenue, payables, and receivables.
      2. Development of a multi-year budget in consultation with Committees and the Association’s strategic plan.
      3. Presenting accurate and transparent financial reports to membership at General Membership meetings.
      4. Assuring that the Association is properly insured, including bonding to guard against embezzlement and fraud, and liability insurance for directors and officers.
      5. Giving guidance to the Board on how potential decisions impact the long-term budget for the Association.
      6. Assure that the Administrative Manual is complete, including Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, board policy, and a roster of Board and Committee members and their terms of office.
      7. Maintain a current roster of membership with contact information.
      8. Give notice of all meetings prescribed by these bylaws.
      9. Assure a fair election process.
      10. Perform such other duties and possess such powers as are incidental to the office or shall be assigned by the President or the Board.

Professional Development Chair 

    • Investigating all possibilities for professional education and/or professional advancement of the INANA, the INANA membership and the profession of certified registered nurse anesthetists in Indiana.
    • Directing the chairs of the Spring and Fall Conferences of the INANA. Ultimately serves as the meeting planer for all educational offerings.
    • Coordinating all clinical symposia sponsored by the INANA.
    • Obtaining AANA CEU approval/credit for INANA sponsored educational events.
    • Performing additional duties as assigned by the President.

FPD/SGA Chair:

    • Keeping the Board of Directors informed of legislative concerns and/or pending legislative actions in Indiana.
    • Serving as a clearinghouse of all matters pertaining to legislative actions pertinent to CRNAs in Indiana.
    • Obtaining information regarding legislation affecting CRNAs in Indiana.
    • Monitoring and evaluating the current CRNA practice act. 
    • Making recommendation to Board of Directors on lobbyist representation.
    • Coordinating the functions and activities of the lobbyist regarding the political processes to further the goals and interests of the INANA.
    • Scheduling appointments with Congressional offices for Mid Year (with the assistance of the lobbyist)
    • Planning Indiana Advocacy Day
    • Attendance at AANA Mid Year and Indiana Advocacy Day
    • Performing additional duties as assigned by the President.

Board Directors

    • Attend all Board of Directors meetings.
    • Attend Membership Meetings.
    • Attend, when able, at AANA Meetings (Annual, Mid-Year Assembly)
    • Attend Annual Advocacy
    • Signs and submits annual disclosure statement
    • Report at each Board of Directors meeting any activities that arise and are germane to the mission of the INANA. Get input from members regarding any concerns to be brought before the Board.

Office: (217) 528-3434

100 East Washington Street
Springfield, IL 62701

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